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The Bookshop
A bit of history
The founder was  Oreste Gozzini who in 1850 started the  trading of both ancient and modern books in a shop located in Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square).
 In 1887 it had a branch in Rome, 44, Sant'Ignazio street. Thereafter, following several relocations, in 1959 it finally settled in via Ricasoli, where it is now, run by the heirs of the same family.

The present-day owners (Pietro and Francesco Chellini), father and son, are the fourth and fifth generation of the family, concerned with this activity. Libreria

The Bookshop is located in the XVII century rooms of Alfani Palace and it shows modern display windows, realized in 1966.

The interior is furnished with high wooden shelves, where one can find editions of any kind, with the exception of detective stories, thrillers, and school booksi.

Erano frequentatori ed acquirenti della libreria Croce, Einaudi, Papini e Spadolini.
"È il regno per chi cerca le parole più antiche, perchè è una delle più rinomate ed antiche librerie antiquarie d'Italia. Ogni sapere vi è raccolto, ma insuperabile è il settore delle opere di diritto ed economia.

"Al suo immenso patrimonio cartaceo, Firenze aggiunge la preziosa perla della Libreria Gozzini".

(Millevolte Firenze. Edizione 1996-97)


Visiting the Bookshop
The Antiquarian Bookshop is free entrance. It consists of 23 rooms, some of which have  vaulted celings, arranged on three floors, surrounding a large garden. It hosts more than 150.000 volumes of value (over 2 km of books), ranging from XVth century works, up to XIXth century and contemporary literature.

Going through the rooms is like traveling through time. The bookshelves are crammed with thousands of tomes, each with its multicoloured title printed on the rib.






The great works, whether they be poems, romances, or artistic books of the Italian as well as of foreign literature, can be found next to treaties of Geography, Chemistry, manuals, essays, Architecture, Music, Science, Poetry, or whatelse can attract the attention of researchers, enquiring bibliophiles, or just book-lovers.

A specific sector is dedicated to Law, provided with an extensive catalogue.

Visiting the rooms

A pathway across Art, History, and Science 
Appreciating an ancient book is not the only emotion one can  experience. As a matter of fact many editions of the same title are often available that  one can relish, relating to the styles of the editors, the translators, or the writers.



Different styles, make-ups, bindings, colours, illustrations, printing methods... the pathway comes across not only the history of literature, but it mingles with the very history of printing.

If, while browsing through a book, it is possible to  notice specific methods of make-up, presentation, and illustration of the story,  then one can live many pathways of the same narration. The paper, the glue, the fabric, the twisted thread of the binding, the ink itself can be touched and perceived as a sole all-engaging emotional message together with the written story. 



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